Friday, September 11, 2020

Oregon vs. Ohio State Recent History

This weekend would have been the game-of-the-year for Oregon: highly-ranked Ohio State coming into Autzen Stadium—for the first time since 1967—to play highly-ranked Oregon. 

The previous nine meetings between the Ducks and Buckeyes have all been Duck losses, with the last two being quite memorable.  The 0-9 record is the worst overall mark against any Oregon opponent. Pre-pandemic, this matchup would have been the marquis matchup of this college football weekend, but both the Pac-12 and Big-10 announced postponing football this fall.

Looking back at the most recent uniform meetings of these two teams:

Jan 12, 2015: CFP National Championship Game

Arlington, TX—Oregon 20, Ohio State 42

 The Ducks followed a recent uniform trend by wearing NO green or yellow, and opting for white/black/silver combination, while the Buckeyes went silver, scarlet, gray It seems odd to me that Oregon would actually use silver in their uniform, since tOSU has that as a school color!  

Thursday, January 2, 2020

2019-2020 In Review (Nightmare Green made for a Dream season)

Now that the "Grandaddy" has been put to bed, we can look back on the Oregon Ducks of 2019-20. This was their best season in five years and one of their most "ordinary" uniform seasons in many years. Under head coach Mario Cristobal, the Ducks have turned in a solid two years of uniforms that establishes their mature look after 20 years of "bleeding edge" tech and some very impressive experiments that have always been the talk of the CFB world—good or bad!

A theme last year was going mono for most of the outfits, but this year, they have done a good job mixing it up. If anything they might be criticized for their too-dark "Nightmare Green" (I'm not a huge fan, but they have won in it, so can't complain too much) But by my count, that dark green, which replaced black this season, was the most used item in each of the three categories. A welcome trend is the general lack of all-white or silver/gray, which they famously loose in. They bucked the trend in the one game they wore silver/white  when they did actually beat UW on the road.

The one other complaint I have about this season—after the heavy use of Nightmare Green—is the lack of a signature old-school mix of green and yellow. Not once did they mix yellow and their brighter green. At least in years past they would do a "throwback" yellow/green/yellow or use their sets to make that combo. I think the main reason for this is the fact that the yellow parts use black accents so look funny with the apple green parts. BUT I'd have loved the Civil War to have yellow jerseys and green helmet/pants.

A rundown of their looks:

  • True Mono (head-foot) : 5 games
  • Semi Mono (helmet does not match) : 3 games
  • Repeat outfits: 2 outfits (mono apple green, mono dark green)
  • Most common combo: Nightmare Green mono in 3 games
  • Yellow/Green/Yellow traditional "old-school" look: 0

Unique helmets: 5 (this has got to be a recent history low)
  • Dark Green helmet: 5
  • Apple Green helmet: 4
  • Yellow helmet: 3
  • Chrome helmet: 2 (Rose bowl has dark green wings)

Unique jerseys: 5
  • Dark Green jersey: 4
  • Yellow jersey: 3
  • White jersey with apple green numbers: 3
  • White jersey with dark green  numbers: 2
  • Apple Green jersey: 2

Unique pants: 4
  • Dark Green pants: 5
  • Yellow pants: 4
  • Apple Green pants: 3
  • White pants: 2

Biggest win: 77-6 vs. Nevada: Mono Apple Green

Best Wins: 
56-24 USC: Yellow/White/Yellow
35-31 UW: Chrome/White/White
37-15 Utah: Mono Nightmare Green
28-27 Wisconsin: Chrome/Nightmare Green

21-27 vs. Auburn: Dark Green/White/Dark green
28-31 vs. ASU: Apple Green/White/White

Can't wait till next season!

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Rose Bowl: Jan 1, 2020

This game featured the use of the mono Nightmare Green paired with a chrome helmet with nightmare green wings. Obviously this is a call-back to the 2012 Rose Bowl victory over Wisconsin that featured the first use of the Chrome helmets at UO, paired with the then-dark green. This provided for a VERY similar look for the two Rose Bowl, eight years apart. Thankfully for the Ducks, the game was a similar seesaw battle with a slim Oregon victory.

2020 Rose Bowl. New York Times photo.

2012 Rose Bowl. Getty Images photo.

The Ducks are now 3-0 in mono Nightmare Green this season (week 1 loss to Auburn had white jerseys paired with the dark green helmet and pants) And they have a six-game winning streak in mono black/dark green going back to 2016 (when any combo pretty much had a loss!)

Pac 12 Championship Game: Dec 6, 2019

Week 14: Nov 30, 2019

Week 13: Nov 23, 2019

Week 12: Nov 16, 2019