Friday, August 26, 2016

Getting ready for 2016 season

Its been a pretty quiet offseason for Duck uniforms. But here are some interesting notes:

Oregon is a hit amongst the kids...

A fun May 2016 poll of 100 high school football recruits resulted in Oregon being named the "best uniform" and Alabama being voted "worst" Granted, this was not very scientific, but the results certainly show the "traditional" uniforms being voted down and the non-traditional ones being voted up.  A weird crossover is that Maryland got voted 4th Best and 3rd Worst. While Oregon has had 18 years to figure out their uniform craze, many of the schools like UMd are new at the whole thing.

See the full story here:

But not with the adults...

According to CBC Sports' Tom Fornelli , Oregon is only the 7th best uniform in the Pac! and that Oregon State is #2. Oh boy!

Preview of the fall season?

In July at Pac-12 media days, Oregon tweeted out some pics of a dark gray ensemble that appears to be a version of the Alamo Bowl uniform (similar shoulder affect and same new font)