Monday, November 23, 2015

Green and Yellow, Finally!

It seems like the Ducks have been pretty coy with their uniform reveals this year (at least compared to the past, or other teams this year who tweet it out on Monday) Only twice have they made a big deal and announced a uniform multiple days before the game. The other time this year was kind of a mixed bag visually a major mixed bag score-wise! (WSU game loss)

I've been hoping that the Ducks would put green and yellow together all season, and the Civil War is usually when they do it. They've worn a fair amount of green/white and yellow/black (you'd think that they were an NFL team from Pennsylvania. But this week is the first true school color combo of the year.

And this week's helmet is another "new" one with a flying duck coming over the top. They have hinted at this helmet look and military look with their Spring games of late. Click here for Spring game pics.

Here are some artsy pics from, which look like they were photographed during a forest fire (they did the same thing with the Pioneer uniform photoshoot)

Apparently this is supposed to honor the fact that Oregon was the 33rd state, but the Pioneer one was doing that already I thought? While most uses of camo in football uniforms look tacky, at least this seems somewhat tasteful and using a school color! Looks more like a Minecraft glitch than real camo, but that's ok, I guess.

According to

"The Oregon 33 uniform takes a futuristic spin on a traditional camouflage with a unique pattern on the jersey, expressing Oregon’s forward-thinking approach and innovative style of play. The pattern contains different geometric shapes than a classic camo, using multiple shades of green."

 I'd have loved to see a "normal" yellow helmet with green O, but otherwise I think this uniform is pretty strong and leaves out a bunch of extra fluff so the camp pattern can be the "star"  In person these will probably look better than the hazy photos presented.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Week 12: Nov. 21, 2015

This was the first total blackout for Oregon this season (and the first since last year's Stanford game), and it came against an opponent that Oregon likes to wear the "ninja" look against: USC. They beat USC at home in 2011 in all back.

And the mojo worked again. And again this uniform combo is not a repeat of any other week and even the helmet is the 11th different helmet—barely—since it had two "Angry Ducks" rather than just one as in week 3. Now having appeared at least once on five helmets, ties it for the most common decal this season with the O.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Week 11: Nov 14, 2015

The Ducks headed to Palo Alto tempting fate by wearing an often-unlucky white jersey with silver wings. But they conjured the good "defeat Stanford on the Farm" mojo by wearing the black/white/black combo for the first time since their 2011 game at Stanford—another victory by the road underdog! 

This week's black helmet with yellow O marks the tenth different helmet combo of the season in ten games. The jersey was last worn in week five, and the black pants had not been yet. 

Here's hoping that sometime in the next two home games the Ducks wear green AND yellow together (rather than green/white and yellow/black or silver). USC and OSU games  are great candidates for that classic look! Bring on the yellow helmet with green O, green jersey and yellow pants, please! For all that is good in the world the Civil War in two weeks demands it! 

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Week 10: Nov. 7, 2015

You'd think that the Duck colors the first half of the season were yellow and black, and the second half of the season were green and silver. There has been no week that they they used BOTH their primary school colors in one uniform. This week is a continuation of the apple green and white combo that they do well in with a repeat of the sparkly helmet used at MSU but with only the Angry Duck in apple green.