Thursday, September 22, 2016

Once a Duck, Always a Duck...

Quack Quack..we get our first real green of 2016. And paired For those not in the know, this week's look is inspired by the Oregon mascot "The Duck" and its orange legs and feet. As an alum, I'm liking the look and as the motto says, I'll always "Be a Duck"

Learn more about the duck mascot and how it inspired this uniform combo by visiting Oregon's  Adobe Spark "story"!

Tyson Alger of the Oregonian put it nicely:
"In a shocking development, the traditionally green and yellow and black and pink and gray and sometimes blue University of Oregon Ducks have added the color orange to their repertoire, as seen by Thursday morning's weekly uniform release.
For Saturday's Pac-12 opener against Colorado, the Ducks will wear relatively traditional green jersey's with yellow numbering, their Galaxy White helmets and normal white pants. "
Read about it on Oregonlive.

As a result, Twitter has gone wild with pundits speculating on how other teams will dress inspired by their mascot. Once again, Oregon leads the way!

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Week 3: September 17, 2016

For Oregon's first road game at Nebraska, they opted for (surprise, surprise) a mostly black and white look that has been real hit and miss with them of late. (see my post from last year about non green-yellow uniforms) The other trend that they have continued is the lack of any green in their combos to start the season. And not much yellow, unless you count the yellow flags that were a major part of the scene.

The numbers appear to be the same as last week, but the shoulder pattern is similar to the Alamo Bowl version from January. The shoulder feathers have become so abstract over the years that I'm not sure if these count as feathers or just techno designs. The fact that both times they have been used, the color is so reflective or pearly, that they just don't show up. The other reprise from the Alamo Bowl is the beveled O on the sparkly white helmet, but this time in black.

An interesting note: This White, White, Black combo seems to be pretty much unseen before.  At least I can't find anything like this in looking back 7+ years. The closest was their loss to Ohio State in the national championship when they wore White, White, Gray.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Where does Oregon go from here with uniforms?

Brian Libby, a writer for (a great place for Duck football news) wrote a nice backgrounder/critique on the state of the Oregon uniform. Like me, he has been a fan since the 1990s and has some good points to make about the Ducks' uniforms.

"Oregon and Nike have done a whole lot right with the team’s uniforms over the past 16 years – vastly more right than wrong. This success has no doubt helped the team’s on-field rise. What will strike the best balance, though, is a uniform that is apologetically contemporary without seeming dated soon afterward – a uniform that doesn’t just call attention to itself loudly but, like a great program’s fortunes, endures over the decades. We’ve achieved that numerous times before, and I’m confident we will again."

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Week 2: September 10, 2016

For the second week in a  row, the Ducks did not wear any green, which is a continuing trend for these "pre-season" games! If you looked at September 2015 and 2016, you'd think we were watching the Pittsburgh Steelers.

This uniform is basically a retread of week 3 from 2015, but the new thing is the shoulder "wings" which have been so deconstructed that they are just printed splatters and shatters. And like last year, the helmets sport the dueling ducks decals.

To get more info about this week's uniform you can visit the Duck's official page or my post from last week.

Monday, September 5, 2016

Another week, another uniform

As I said last week (really only a couple days ago!) I figured that the "Rad" uniform from week 1 was a one-off. Well, The Ducks announced (via Twitter and Instagram) their uniform for this coming week against Virginia and its called "Electric Lightning" and has it's own info website here. Or even more detail here!

It reverts back to the "tweaked" numeral font of the Alamo Bowl/July press release, which makes me think that this might be a preview of the general scheme for the rest of the season. If that is even possible with the Ducks?

The color scheme is similar to past yellow/black uniforms (See last year's week 3), but updates the shoulder "wings" with an unusual photoshopped extravaganza (that will make my life hard trying to replicate that in my uni-tracker!) The helmets feature the happy/angry duck versions on opposite sides like last year)

What I find interesting is that both last year and this year, the Ducks have gone mostly black/yellow/gray in the preseason and have saved green for later in the year.

Here is what the Oregonian is saying:

Another article:


Sunday, September 4, 2016

Week 1: Sept 3, 2016

You can read more about the design elements of this week's uniform by going to this post.

Another month, another uniform

It wouldn't be football season without the first (of many, I'm sure...edit: see week 2!) new uniform combos for the Ducks.

This week is a fun little themed ensemble that they have designed to honor training coach Radcliffe. While this is a nice one, I'm not clear if this is a permanent design look ( number font, no wings, simplicity) or just a one-off like the Pioneer-themed one from last year. This outfit does not match either the Alamo Bowl jersey (maybe that's good!) or the July-photo shoot that had new numbers and a new gray color.

 I won't got into too much detail since there are lots of good sites out there, including the Ducks' own fancy presentation!

".....players spoke to Coach Rad's ability to get the best out of them by developing their individual strengths, increasing extreme transitional agility and helping them achieve unbelievable speed. Although his innovation and methodology were often unique in nature and practice, his blue-collar ethics and never-changing look of wearing a grey heather tee were also cemented into a student-athlete's pillar of success in his or her training with Coach Rad.
Hence, the name for this uniform...The Rad."

See the official sites that explains it all here:

According to Tyson Alger of the Oregonian: "The Ducks' new Nike uniforms have gray tops, black pants and helmets and yellow numbers. There's a patch on the middle of the uniform that reads "Citius. Altius. Fortius." Or, for those not up to date on their Latin: Faster, Higher Stronger."